We produce, distribute and invest in premium celebrity entertainment content that travels across territories, channels and devices.

About us

FCCE Production is the FCCE group’s TV production unit that sources and produces over 600 hours of content per year including a daily entertainment news feed, weekly magazines and evergreen series in the genre’s: Celebrity, Fashion, Movies, Music and Lifestyle. FCCE controls a library of more than 12.000 hours of exclusive footage and every day the ENG-teams add additional raw footage from celebrity events, festivals, award shows and other exclusives interview opportunities. The creative development unit creates also television formats, cross media concepts, events and branded content for national and international clients.

All FCCE programming is distributed exclusively by FCCE Distribution

FCCE Production is the key content supplier to Scoop Network

FCCE Production Team

Lianne Peet



Anouk Stolwijk

Production Manager


Maarten Mulder

Traffic Manager


Daisy Klein

Media Manager


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